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Section headingGrand Theft Auto Mission Pack #2: London, 1961 is a freely distributed mission pack, also known as an expansion pack, to the original Grand Theft Auto 1 andLondon, 1969 - requiring both to play.Edit

Just as the first mission pack did, London 1961 uses the same game engine as the original Grand Theft Auto 1 did. The game takes place in London eight years before the events of London 1969. The mission pack as implied includes new missions, 22 new vehicles, one new cutscene, and a new multiplayer deathmatch map based upon the UK city of Manchester.

While London 1969, is available for multiple systems, London 1961 is only available for PC, as downloadable freeware (a 7MB executable file). However, it requires the user to have both Grand Theft Auto 1, and GTA London 1969 (which itself requires GTA1).

London 1961 is the least known game in the series, simply because the game was not heavily promoted by Rockstar, is only available as a download, and does not feature prominently on the Rockstar Games website. The game relies upon word of mouth and internet discussion forums to become known to fans of the series.

Trivia EditEdit

  • GTA London 1961, along with GTA London 1969, are the only games in the GTA series to have the same protagonists.
  • GTA London 1961, along with GTA London 1969, are the only games in the GTA series to be set outside the United States. It is also the only game to be set in a real location; the rest of the games in the series are set in fictitious cities based on real-life US cities, such as Miami and New York.
  • GTA London 1961 is also the GTA Game to be set as the ea

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